Core features

Unrivaled Quality - Infinite Playabilty

Remarkable Quality

An industrial approach to a modern arcade build constructed from high quality 19mm black MDF panels coupled with 3mm artwork plexi-glass panels throughout. Securely fastened with M7 confirmat screws giving extra support and stability with black end caps for a professional finish.

The spaceous control panel on any sized cabinet allows 2 players to move comfortably even in those intense fighting games. A choice of either 19" or 24" monitor bezel (depending on model) with clear plexi-glass gives the retro feel but with a modern edge.

Low noise cooling fans integrated out-of-site allows extended gameplay without over heating and chrome T-Slot sides to give a perfect finish.

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Enhanced Controls & Components

Each arcade cabinet houses quality joysticks and buttons for better response and durabilty. HD monitors come as standard to bring new life to those old classics with help from high end graphics and super sampled resolutions on both 5:4 and 16:9* ratios.

Integrated, high powered 2.1 speakers** designed to unleash the full potenial of gaming, with enhanced low end rumble with clear mid and crisp treble performance. Add bluetooth capability to further extend the cabinet into a fully fledge modern day jukebox with the likes of iTunes/Spotify! Or play videos directly from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon etc using Google Chrome browser over the internet (wifi required)

Carefully selected PC hardware such as quad core CPU's from Intel Gen 8/AMD Ryzen, 80PLUS PSU, High Clocked DDR4 Ram, 7200RPM HDD***. All tried and tested components for the best possible gmaing experience!

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All The Best Games

A front end wheel made to run over 20,000 classics from the 80s, 90s, 00s arcade era and other systems such as the MAME, NEO GEO, NES, SNES and Megadrive as well as mid-modern consoles such as N64, Playstation and Saturn. On top of this it can run games from more modern consoles such as the Dreamcast and PS2 as well as Wii and PC Games like Street Fighter 4. The intuative select wheel makes it easy to navigate from game to game, with amazing artwork, video previews and sound leaving you and your friends with an overwhelming amount of gaming choice.

Choose either to play the traditional way with joysticks or go wireless with Xbox controllers to enhance playabilty across the board. Better yet connect the arcade cabinet to an extrenal TV via HDMI out and play with up to 4 players!

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Front End Compatibility